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Dolf de Vries

Georgie, Billy, Gary, Valerie, Helen, Cindy, Marcel, Eddie, Johnny, Mariska, Madeline, Pooch, Bootch, Chubby and Tony – thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You plunged into the deep end with me and showed your enormous qualities again. My dear friends, ... it needs guts to sing one’s own hit song with another touch. You did it!!!


Lex Blom, my friend, it all started with you! Your love of music is exceptional, and actually rare. I feel really honoured that you have trusted me unconditionally and given me the opportunity to make this album. Thank you very much, Lex!

René Zegers, without you the CD would probably have become an instrumental piano CD. You were indispensable and saw to it that icons from the world of music came and sang on my CD. I will never forget your help and humor, René.


Ton op ’t Hof (in the UK they say: "Ton Op ’t!"), we two would sit there listening to every note, the sound, the mix – day in, day out. And we went to extremes. What an amazing studio you have and what a wonderful friend of mine you are. I have never heard anyone play the drums the way you do. Ton op ’t Hof, you’re the top!