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Special thanks

John Abbey
‘t Boerinneke
Lisa Boray
John Brands
Netty Dorpema
Georgie Fame
Beverly Gay
André Geldorp
Matt Glover
Albert van der Kroft
Otto Lenselink
Yuli Minguel
Map Nihom
Michael van Praag
John Salter
Elly Smidt
Marcel de Vré
Dirk Jouke de Vries
Martin de Vries
Louis de Vries
Rinze van der Wal
Marjolein Wierdsma
Blanche Williams


“As music lover I am proud
of sponsoring the production
"Another Touch", a surprising
interpretation of world hits
by Dolf de Vries.
I really hope you also will be
touched by "Another Touch"


Alexander R. Blom
Managing Director
Electrolux Home Products (Nederland) B.V.